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Creative Nonfiction

 GreenPrints, The Weeder's Digest, No. 63, Autumn 2005 GreenPrints
The Weeder's Digest
Number 62, Autumn 2005
Yellow Quinces
Greenwoman, A Literary Garden, Volume 3 Greenwoman
A Literary Garden
Almost Too Happy
hip Mama, No. 53 hip Mama
The Parenting Zine
Number 53
Soundings Review, Fall/Winter 2012 Soundings Review
Fall/Winter 2012
Horticulture, July/August 2013 Horticulture Magazine
July/August 2013
Reflections on a Pond



Creative Nonfiction Online

Carbon Culture logo. Carbon Culture
Spring 2016
A History Of Watching Movies At Home



Fiction in Print

The Long Story, Number 25 The Long Story
Number 25
Calle de Veneno
Short Story, Number 6, Spring 2009 Short Story
Number 6, 2009
Magnolia, A Journal of Women's Literature, Volume 1 Magnolia
A Journal of Women's Literature, Volume 1
Fantastique Unfettered (Unless), Issue 2 Fantastique Unfettered (Unless)
Issue 2
Pushcart Prize nominated
We Are Family
Women Arts Quarterly Journal, Volume 1, Issue 4, Fall 2011 WomenArts Quarterly Journal
Volume 1, Issue 4, Fall 2011
Marwan the Innocent
The Main Street Rag, Volume 18, Number 3, Summer 2013 The Main Street Rag
Volume 18, Number 3, Summer 2013
Stretch Marks
BACOPA Literary Review BACOPA Literary Review
Writers Alliance of Gainesville
The Offering
The Stray Branch, Volume 9, Number 12, Fall/Winter 2013 The Stray Branch
Volume 9, Number 12, Fall/Winter 2013
In the Night Kitchen
Graze, Number 7 Graze
Number 7
The Meaning of Success
The Tishman Review, Volume 2, Issue 3, July 2016 The Tishman Review
Volume 2, Issue 3, July 2016
Pinko Paula and the Preppy Plague
Crannóg Magazine, issue 43, Autumn 2016. Crannóg Magazine
Issue 43, Autumn 2016
Autumn Sonata

Crannóg Magazine, Ireland's premier fiction and poetry magazine since 2002, has been called an invaluable outlet for new writing by the Irish Times

Gold Man Review 2017 Gold Man Review
Issue 6, 2017
Circular Logic



Fiction Online

Urban Terroir: Dark Earth Rising, a new short story by Simone Martel.


Tethered by Letters

Urban Terroir: Dark Earth Rising

Kitchen, a magazine for poets who also like to read.



My Son's First 15 Birthdays

Fogged Clarity logo.


Fogged Clarity

Hotel Coyote



The Washington Pastime


The EEEL by The NewerYork Press.


the EEEL by The NewerYork Press





You Don't Say, Stories in the Second-person. You Don't Say
Stories in the Second-person