Launch Party at The Crane Bar in Ireland

Do it now kids December, 2016 When the Irish literary magazine Crannóg accepted my short story for their fall issue they emailed me an invite me to the launch party at The Crane Bar in Galway, Ireland. Two days later my husband, Paul, and I bought plane tickets. “Do it now, kids,” my mother-in-law tells…

Simone’s Interview with Coffee with Architects of Worlds Afar

December 9, 2016 Many thanks to Jessica Hernandez for this lively interview on Coffee with Architects of Worlds Afar, about love, sex, cats, gardens, my new novel, and memories of being tear-gassed by Governor Reagan on my way to nursery school in the late '60s. Read the interview

Pinko Paula and the Preppy Plague

From her scarred, wooden desk in the journalism office, Paula flicked an X-Acto knife at the wall, piercing Chuck Lawson’s kissing-poster of Ronald Reagan in a cowboy hat. One of the freshmen winced. “Chuck’ll kick your ass,” he said. “With his penny loafers? I’m so scared.” Rolling back on her wheeled chair, Paula pushed away…